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DescriptionCorrespondence re teaching posts and supply of teaching materials to schools in France, re BFSS Sick and Wounded Relief Fund [post 1870 Franco-Prussian War], re Education Exhibtion in Paris.
Date1847 - 1910
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AdminHistoryFrance was the first country in Europe to introduce the monitorial System and welcome the cooperation of the BFSS. Taking advantage of the peace proclaimed in 1814, a deputation from the French Society for the Encouragement of National Industry visited England in 1814 to see what new developments had taken place in the field of popular education. (The Comte de Laborde, M. Jomard, the Comte de Lastyrie and Baron de Gerando).

They visited both Borough Road School and the model school of the National Society at Baldwin's Gardens. Upon return to France Laborde published his highly favourable observations of the monitorial system, in his Plan d'education pour les enfants pauvres. Lastyire also published a book, the more neutral Nouveau systeme d'education pour les enfants primaries. The members of the deputation, along with l'Abbe Gaultier, the educational reformer, formed in 1815 La Societe pour l'enseignement elementaire for the purpose of founding monitorial schools in France, supported by Lazare Carnot, the Minister of the Interior.

Between 1815 and 1819 extracts from the reports of the French Society appear in the BFSS annual reports. A letter recounted in the Annual report for 1818 gives the number of schools established as 369.

The 'ecoles lancasteriennes' came under censure when the monarchy came back into power. Early in 1816 a decree was issued placing the new schools under ecclesiastical supervision and forbidding competition with the schools of the Christian Brothers. Between 1825 and 1830 the French Society gradually lost ground and confined itself to the education of French Protestants. In 1833 the provision of primary education was made compulsory by government decree.
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