Ref NoBFSS/1/5/1/6/11/22
Alt Ref NoBFSS/FC/Africa/South Africa/22
TitleLetter from Eleanor Davison, Folkestone
DescriptionLetter from Eleanor Davison, Folkestone , requesting a school mistress interested in the post at Mr Louis's school in Transvaal. Enclosed: Letter from Miss E. Farnsworth, Potchefstroom, Transvaal, S. Africa, to [Miss?] Davison, 13 April 1881. Writes of peace after war. Now at Mr Louis's school, who came out here about 6 years ago under the Dutch Government to take this school and has continued in his role being paid by the English Government. Requests certificated teachers from England, must be able to teach music.
Date17 June 1881
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