Ref NoBFSS/1/5/1/8/12/64
Alt Ref NoBFSS/FC/Bahamas/64
TitleLetter to Bourne from William Blair
DescriptionLetter to Bourne from William Blair, Education Office, Nassau. Account of the Annual Public Examinations of the School in the Bahamas. Boys Central or Model School under Edward Begrie, ex BRC. The Girls' Western School run by Mme Susan Jayline, a native of the Bahamas. Girls' Model School under Miss Maria Ross, who trained at Glasgow Normal Institution, on Sabbatical in England where she has visited Stockwell Practising Schools. Mr and Mrs Cole's school, they were sent out by Wilks to Harbour Island c. 4 years ago, their school is so good that it's one of the few that white people will allow their children to attend. even though the "prejudice against the Negro here is so great that in the Wesleyan Chapel there are separate doors and places for each race". News of William Moore, sent out by BFSS for school in Inagua. Overall over 3000 children now attending school.
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