Ref NoBFSS/1/5/1/8/12/81
Alt Ref NoBFSS/FC/Bahamas/81
TitleLetter to Bourne from William Blair
DescriptionLetter to Bourne from William Blair, Nassau. News of arrival of Mr and Mrs Peerless. Mr Peerless will take charge of the Model School at Nassau during the absence of Mr Begrie. It was not made clear to the Peerlesses before leaving England that Mrs Peerless would have to take charge of her own Girls' School. Mr Peerless has refused to sign the agreement. Attached is a copy of a letter Blair wrote to Mr Peerless on the matter. (Letter to John Peerless from William Blair 6/9/1873. Mrs Peerless will be held liable to open a distinct and separate school when she is called upon to do so. Regrets the misunderstanding on this matter.) Mr Moore has obtained a school in Winnipeg, [Canada]. Prior to this he was in a company of surveyors, along with Mr Wimpress.
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