Ref NoBFSS/1/5/1/8/4/3
Alt Ref NoBFSS/FC/Jamaica/3
TitleExtract from a letter to BFSS from William Knibb and "Slave Book"
DescriptionExtract from a letter to BFSS from William Knibb, report of progress in his school. Sent book of specimens of pupils' work. [aka "The Slave Book" which is also in this file].

List of children who contributed writing and / or embroidery to the Slave Book.
David Dick General Monitor of Arithmetic
William Sutliff Jnr slave, age 13
Philip Smith General Monitor of Order
Samuel Booth
Attwell Smith
John McCauley 12
John Thomas Bought free, age 14
Robert Ergas age 11
John Duffis age 8
Earlington Townsend age 11
Alexander Grant age 14
William Norman age 14
Benjamin Carvalho age 11, slave
James Millington age 8, bought from slavery
Francis Shabra Hall age 10, a little African from Congo captured from a French Brig about a year ago and sent to the school by the Admiral: he can now read the Testament.
Francis Couzins
Priscilla Brown Slave, age 16
Mary Steward Smith age 12
Margaret McCarthy age 12
Sarah Dunherley age 13, Bought free
Caroline Porter 12, slave
Chuchau [?] Furlow slave, age 10 [a girl, as it was an embroidery sample]
Caroline Porter slave
Sarah Lee Purchased from slavery
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