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TitleStockwell College Archives

1814 - Women's Department formed at Borough Road. The first female students were Amelia Blackman, Mary Bulby, Catherine Carmody, Anne Cousins, Jane Hudson, Jane Thompson and Rhoda Trull. They were admitted in Martin St, continuing in 1815 in King's Road, Chelsea, and from 1817 as trainee schoolmistresses at Borough Rd, Southwark, alongside the men. The female dept was under the direction of Ann Springman, (later Mrs Macrae), who was the superintendent until the College moved to the new buildings at Stockwell.
1861 - BFSS bought site at Stockwell and transferred women students. Rev. Alfred Bourne was nominal Principal.
1869 - Known as Stockwell Normal College
1871 - Known as Stockwell Training School
1875 - Known as Stockwell Training College
1935 - Moved to Old Palace at Bromley, 114 students
1940 - Evacuated to Devon
1945 - Returned to Bromley, much devastation as a result of bombing and air raid shelters built by Borough Council. Rebuilding.
1960 - 200 students following one or two year courses of training leading to Teacher's Certificate plus small group of men and women following one-year supplementary course in mathematics
1960 - College sold to Kent County Council to fund expansion at Borough Road including construction of a large hostel for women, allowing women students to return to the original foundation after an absence of almost exactly a century.
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