About the Catalogue

It is important to note that the online catalogue represents only a small proportion of our archives. Work is continuing to add items to the online catalogue, but if you do not find what you are looking for, or expected to find, please do contact us on archivesandrecords@brunel.ac.uk and we will be happy to help you.

The online catalogue currently includes the following series of records:

Brunel University London Archives:

Documents relating to: Academic Board, Board of Studies, Senate, Degrees Committees, Academic Planning Committee, Trust deeds, charter, Ordinances and Regulations, Governing Body minutes, Council minutes and papers, Annual Reports, Vice-Chancellors’ Reports to Court, Strategic Plans, published accounts, Staff newsletters, staff handbooks, degree congregation programmes, events files, Made in Brunel publications, alumni publications, Celia Brackenridge Papers, Students’ Union papers, photographs.

Maria Grey College Archives:

Teachers’ Training and Registration Society, some Governance papers, Annual Reports, some committees, prospectuses, prizes scholarships and bursaries, fundraising, alumna, students’ union, college magazines 1884 – 1964, college clubs, student year group photos 1881 - 1971 (descriptions only). Maria Grey School minutes, admission books, school registers. Murray Book Collection.

Shoreditch College Archives:

Whole archive, excluding personal / confidential information, and some personal papers which are currently being catalogued.

BFSS / Society Papers:

BFSS Committee Minute Books, Ladies’ Committee, Annual Reports, Agents’ papers, Lancaster’s Letters, Foreign Correspondence (including some digital images, namely Haiti and Dominica files and some of Jamaica file); Home and Colonial School Society. The Newcastle Commission (including some digital images, returns from British Schools.
Publications including The Philanthropist, the Quarterly Extracts and The Educational Record.
The Salmon Book Collection.

BFSS / Borough Road College:

Governing Body, Finance, Academic Board, Academic Planning Committee, Applications Men 1817-1911 (some years missing), Applications Women 1817-1859 (1854 missing); Student registers 1804-1963 (some years missing). Prospectuses 1937 - 1977. Photographs (descriptions and images). War Memorial Fund papers. Student lists. B’s Hum (college magazine). BRC Practising School.

BFSS / Stockwell College:

Stockwell College: prospectuses, applications and testimonials, student registers 1877-1899, student reports, examinations 1857 – 1932, Old Student’s Association, HR to 1930, photographs (descriptions only), Kindergarten papers (includes links with Froebel Society)

BFSS / Swansea College:

Any Swansea College records held by Brunel University London Archives.

BFSS / Saffron Walden College:

Annual reports; registers; log books 1884 – 1888; prospectuses 1910 – 1975; publications; clubs and societies, practising schools; photographs (descriptions only). Saffron Walden Children’s Book Collection

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